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Off Leash K9 Training is the fastest growing dog training company in the world! Over the span of just 10 years, what started as a one man show has turned into a household name! The founder, Nick White jumped into building his own dog training brand after years of duty in the Marines and work with the Secret Service where he was on the Presidents detail. Realizing there was a way to combine military style obedience and household pet training needs, his programs began to come to life. Having experience working alongside some of the most impressive dog trainers in the world, he continues to further his experiences and the work his trainers and locations carry out each day. One of the more exciting perks about Off Leash K9 Training is the continued education our network of trainers further their profession with on a regular basis. Whether they are learning about therapy or service dogs, understanding the work that goes into training special force K9’s, learning about drug/bomb detection training, or even working on advancing  their skills and setting world records. Nick holds a few world records in obedience as well, one of them being for the longest distance down at over 350 yards! As you can imagine, Off Leash K9 Training’s success has caught the attention of all pet owners, and especially countless distinguished names most everyone will know or recognize. Nick’s client list ranges from A-list celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson’s voice), Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday the 13th); professional athletes such as DeAngelo Hall (Washington Redskins), John Wall (Basketball player), Gio Gonzales (Nationals pitcher), John Cena (WWE), John ‘Bones’ Jones (UFC), Max Scherzer (Nationals pitcher); and even one of the most powerful Vice Presidents in history, Dick Cheney. We’ve only listed a handful of Off Leash K9 Training’s notable clients. With a carefully designed program such as ours, we can assure you and your pup will receive not only the BEST training in the area, but the same training that everyone listed above picked too!

With the launch of our local dog training branch more than five years ago, Off Leash’s dog obedience training method is available in the greater Saratoga area, including Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, Malta, Scotia, Schenectady and beyond! Don’t worry about deciding right away on what package might be best for you as we offer a variety of dog training programs to help fit most lifestyles! Our upstate Off-Leash dog training technique is designed to work for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes! Our team of dog trainers in Saratoga are handlers from all walks of life, including those who have experience in rescue and shelter volunteering to former veterinary technicians; who all have one thing in common- that they LOVE dogs! Your household pet will be trained by the highest ranked dog training company in the area. We are able to offer you and your dog an exceptional level of obedience, which allows you to bring them anywhere and everywhere, hassle-free. After training, you and your pup will be able to enjoy an entirely new bond! Seeing the joy in the faces of both the dogs and the owners when their pups master a new command without the restriction of a leash is just as rewarding for us as it is for them!


check out some client feedback!

Alex is an incredible trainer!  Our dog went from being afraid of any noise to being able to be in distracted environments and even just sit there! She walks beautifully at our sides now. Alex sent us these great and totally fun videos demonstrating the training. We sent one to our son, who replied, “Whose dog is that?!” 

1 Year Old Mini Goldendoodle

“Santana”, my 18 mo old lab did the 2 week training camp. He left my home exuberant and bouncy and returned well behaved and more pleasant than ever. I can’t say enough about K9 training and the peace of mind I have because my dog listens/behaves so well. It’s such a joy to have a mindful dog at home & out now.

18 Month Old Labrador

Echo came to us as a rescue puppy, 4 months old. She had real confidence issues and began showing resource aggression at daycare. Nikki was absolutely amazing with Echo. Echo learned her basic commands and even built up her confidence so that she is more relaxed when out and about with us!

6 Month Old Pit Mix


Buying a puppy for your home, will fill you with an incredible amount of love and joy. As  you probably know, our pets are our family and are treated just like our babies and family members. As fluffy and innocent as they are, our four-legged companions still need manners. Just as you would with a child, you would want to teach them how to be more independent, more obedient, and most importantly, safer, when you are and aren’t home watching them. You may not be able to ship your dog off of boarding school, but you can take them to one of the highest rated dog training companies in the nation. Saratoga Off Leash K9 Training helps dogs all across the nation become the ‘goodest’ boys and girls, which they demonstrate through eliminating ill manners and replacing them with the obedience that you need from them!


Even though our company has over 160 locations across the nation, you can still choose us as your dog trainer in Saratoga and the surrounding communities. We are the convenient choice for anyone looking to gain an edge in training their dog, whether they are young puppies, older dogs, or any age in between. Our methods are safe, effective, and tried and true. We have helped people all around the country find the obedience that they need from their household pets, and we are ready to help you. And if you are still not convinced, dog owners from all walks of life recommend our services. In fact, our company has helped celebrity dog owners as well, including Ryan Reynolds, John Cena, and even Oprah. While most of the dogs that we help are not famous, we offer a full range of training services to help more dogs, in and out of Hollywood, achieve their best obedience.


Choosing our dog training programs in Saratoga at Off Leash K9 Training is the ideal choice as we offer an informational puppy class! Some training teams will not offer this service, as they tell owners to simply wait and see if the puppy behavior clears up on its own. However, with many owners and pups who experience behavioral issues, the cause is often triggered by certain stimulus or inactivity.

When you choose our top quality puppy training class , we make sure that good behavior takes root and that you will set up to lead a better example. Whether they act too aggressively or refuse to stop chewing your furniture, we will make sure that their behavior stops quickly. Choose us, and we can help your puppy with the following:

  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Better Socialization
  • Basic Obedience Needs


 How many times have you come home from a long day of work to discover that your pet has left little “accidents” all over your home? Or how frequently do you struggle with getting your dog to actually “go” when you take them outside? Are you constantly searching the internet for “dog potty training tips video”, “best puppy potty training”, or even “dog potty training tips”? Potty training is not just for puppies, either; many dogs struggle with daily bathroom habits!

You could purchase low-quality potty training tools from your local pet retailer, or you could have the dog trainers in Saratoga at Off Leash K9 Training provide your pet with better instruction. In no time, we will instruct you and your dog how and where to go, decreasing the risk of finding droppings and even helping to prevent urinary health problems down the road. Whether you are struggling to teach your young puppy how to go potty or you need assistance with an older dog, we have some of the best puppy and dog potty training tips for you!


Our local dog obedience training classes are among the most popular services that we provide! Many dogs wind up developing a more stubborn attitude or even naughty behaviors whether it be from growing up, spending time with other pets, changing residences, children going off to college, or any other changes in their day to day. It is easy for many pet owners to quickly become frustrated and unsure of what to do to correct their behavior.

This is where we come in! Our dog training in Saratoga offer the best in local dog obedience training courses. When you choose us, we can provide your dog with everything that they need to learn how to:

  • Come
  • Extended Sit
  • Extended Down
  • Extended Place
  • Loose Leash Walking/Heeling
  • Off


    Advanced dog training is the ideal choice for those looking to take the obedience with their pet just a bit further. Unlike dog boot camp in NY, advanced obedience training courses build off of our basic obedience dog training classes in Saratoga. Not only are the basic concepts reinforced, but we take their education further. Our advanced training program features an eight-week course, as well as an e-collar that is both waterproof and has a range of 1/2 of a mile. When you need to take your dog from being a “good boy” to a “great boy,” this is the program for your needs! Here is an idea of what you will learn:

    • Distance Down
    • Sit in Motion
    • Through
    • Touch
    • Come to Heel
    • Watch
    • Stand
    • & many more


    You would be surprised to find out how many people investigate how to make their dog a therapy dog in NY. Whether they don’t know how therapy dog training works, what therapy dog training classes are available, or how to certify a therapy dog in NY; we get clients inquiring about this on a daily basis. Our dog trainers in Saratoga can help answer all of these questions. From everything you need to know such as, finding therapy dog classes near me, what the therapy dog requirements are in NY, ‘and even letting you in on the best therapy dog training tips; we’ve got you covered. Our specially designed 8-class course prepares you and your dog for their therapy dog testing and certification. With successful completion of this program, we can evaluate and certify you and your dog through Therapy Pets Unlimited! Here is how the class is broken down:

    • Basic Obedience Commands
    • Focused Therapy Sessions


        Aggression training is a popular need for many area dog owners. Whether you  are looking for dog-to-dog aggression training tips, or your dog simply seems to have a knack for snarling and nipping at every little annoyance; our best aggression training course is designed to work on all types of aggression. If you find that your pooch is a liability to yourself or others, you do not have to get rid of them. Instead, allow our team of dog training professionals to take a bite out of their aggression. We will get to the bottom of why they continue to act out, as well as ensure that their bad behavior is curbed before an incident occurs. Our eight class course has private lessons for both you and your dog which provides instruction, exercises, obedience, and desensitization, allowing you to restore peace in your home once again! Here is an idea of what we cover:

        • All Basic Obedience
        • Focused Aggression Sessions

          TWo week board & train program

          One of the most popular training course packages that we offer is our Two Week Board and Train program. In fact, our trainers are generally booked several months in advance, so if you feel that this is the ideal solution for your exact situation, it is recommended to sign up as soon as possible.

          Just as a parent may send a troubled teen to a military boarding school or even to basic training, doggy boot camp has long been a similar option for advanced behavioral training for canines. Doggy boot camp is a specialized training program that combines the best elements of our boarding training, aggression training, behavioral training, and more, to ensure that even the hardest to live with dog receives the attention they need.

          Not only will this not help the animal to understand how they are to behave, but it could have lasting physical and psychological effects as well. However, our team has always represented humane and safe training methods, treating your dog like they were our own. When you need advanced training for your animal, you need our dog boot camp training packageThis style of training is our most effective training package for more animals, leaving them far more obedient and less distracted than when you dropped them off. In fact, we like to think of this style of training as sort of a summer camp for pets!

          Our Two Week Board, and Train program focuses on all aspects of behavioral training and features a bit of all of our training packages combined with an emphasis on leaving your dog distraction proofed. When you sign on for our most effective training package, your dog will receive all of the tools and education that they need for learning to:

          • Sit
          • Extended Sit
          • Down
          • Extended Down
          • Loose Leash Walking
          • Off-Leash Walking
          • Come On Command
          • Proper Greeting (Without Jumping)
          • Waiting by Doors
          • Waiting for Meals
          • Distraction Training (people and other dogs)
          • Place
          • Extended Place
          • Heel Commands
          • And much more.

          The final lesson is for the dog owners themselves. During our final two-hour private one-on-one session, you will learn how to appropriately interact with and control your newly trained dog, as well as what to expect from them when you interact with others, as well as with other dogs.