Dogs and Babies; Dynamic Duo or Recipe for Disaster?

Is your newborn baby or toddler really safe around your dog? I’ve seen many captivating photos on Facebook and other online groups and sites that would have me believe that this is a duo that belongs together. But I’ve also seen disturbing images of dogs and tiny humans that have left me shuddering for the look in those canine eyes.

So what’s the real answer to this question? An online article in <>found here at pet parents prepare their pooch for the impending arrival of a newborn human in advance. And tips for doing so are provided.

For example, playing CDs before the baby’s birth that feature sounds human infants make to help acclimate your pooch to “babyspeak” and creating a daily routine that includes a crating schedule for your dog to create a “safety zone” in the home are two tips mentioned.

Because your pup will be inundated with a host of new sights and smells when your tiny human arrives it’s very important to do as much desensitizing as possible beforehand, say the experts at The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). You can read an online article here:

I believe even after the proper preparation it’s still a very good idea to never leave the pair unsupervised and to particularly mindful of your pooch’s body language when he or she is around your baby. Pediatrician Dr. David Geller seems to agree with me in this online article he wrote for <> at

A good guide to understanding dog body language can be found here:

The consensus seems to be that babies and dogs can safely live together in harmony if the proper steps are taken before, during and after the arrival of a tiny human.

Ask your pet’s veterinarian about your pooch’s temperament and for recommendations of how to start preparing the four-legged family member for the arrival of his or her two-legged sibling.

And always remember that it’s never too late to provide your pet with the proper obedience training, which can be a great catalyst for a smooth transition to any life-changing event. Consult with your local Capital District, Albany and Saratoga, NY Off Leash K-9 Training professional who has the expertise to transform canine behavioral challenges into triumphs. We can address and resolve dog aggression, food aggression, potty-training, all phases of obedience and so much more!