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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Wall, and many more choose Off Leash K9 Training!


Kristina Z / 6 Month Black Lab

“Alex… I can not thank you enough for your education and support! Paislee is loving off leash living. With the busy summer and spending time with family she has been around dogs, kids and chaos with success. She is also able to be off leash at other people’s homes that do not have fences which makes my life and hers better! You will always have a special place in our hearts!”

Jenn Y / 1 Year Old Black Lab

“I can not say enough good things about Nikki at Capital district K9 off leash training. Our Jasper went for training this past April as a stubborn 1 year old lab. He had several behaviors that had me beyond frustrated on a daily basis. He was a jumper, counter surfer, chewer, and was very destructive. He was unable to be walked on a leash, he walked us! I spent several hundred dollars on training elsewhere but nothing helped. I feel that Nikki worked a miracle with our guy. He came home a new, well behaved dog who is now enjoyable! He still has his stubborn moments occasionally, but thanks to the great training we know how to address it. I am so thankful to Nikki and the training program. I highly recommend it to anyone who may be considering it!”

Brian C / 7 Month Old Pitbull

I can’t say enough about Monique. She did an amazing job with our 9-month-old dog Lucky. Before we dropped Lucky off with Monique he had some bad habits, like barking, chasing after the cats, and did not listen off leash. When we picked Lucky up two weeks later he was a completely new dog. He is totally off leash and listens to all his commands. You can see the new confidence that he has. Monique treated Lucky amazing and the results are unbelievable. If you have any doubts about sending your dog to Off Leash K9 Training trust me it is totally worth every dollar. Alex the owner is also amazing. She always took her time to answer any questions and let us take a drive up to meet her before we made our decision. She walked us through everything so we felt completely comfortable. I highly recommend Off-Leash K9 Training.

Katie M / 2 Year Old Alaskan Malamute

“We were told Meko’s entire Alaskan malamute life that it was just part of his breed to dig, run away, hunt small animals, and be destructive …..that was a lie….we did the two week boarding ….after two weeks we truly have a happy well behaved Alaskan malamute ….we also did a 4 session obedience for our boxer/pit ….we have never been happier with our results …highly recommend ….Zack is a life saver thank you so much!!!”

Sue S / 2 Year Old Labrador

“Sarah was able to achieve a level of reliability of commands with our two year old lab mix that we did not think was possible. His leash manners were pretty bad and he became super reactive when we would encounter another dog or animal that he was interested in, making walking with him very difficult. In a controlled environment he was fine but that’s not the real world and limited our exercising options. After working with Sarah he now has reliable recall which is so important, obeys all commands, even performs some advanced commands and is a pleasure to walk which is critical since he is a mid to high level energy dog. We can’t thank Off Leash K9 Training enough.”